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2023-08-08. If you are looking for a fun and creative way to spice up your photos, you should check out PWA Kaleidoscope24.com. This progressive web app lets you create stunning kaleidoscope effects with your images, and it uses the EyeDropper API to give you more control over the colors.

The EyeDropper API Kaleidoscope24.com

The EyeDropper API is a new web feature that allows you to pick any color from your screen and use it in your web app. The EyeDropper API is an experimental feature that is currently available in Google Chrome 95 (released 2021-10-19), Microsoft Edge 95 (released 2021-10-21) and Opera 81 (released 2021-11-04). PWA Kaleidoscope24.com uses this feature to let you select the transparent image and background color for your kaleidoscope. You can also use it to choose the color for the kaleidoscope text that appears on your image.

This way, you can create unique and personalized kaleidoscopes that match your style and mood. You can also experiment with different combinations of colors and see how they affect the overall look of your kaleidoscope.

PWA Kaleidoscope24.com is easy to use and works on any device that supports the EyeDropper API. You can also install it on your home screen and use it offline. It's a great tool for enhancing your photos and expressing your creativity.


<button id="eyedropperButton">Open eyedropper</button>


if (window.EyeDropper == undefined) { // Feature detection
	console.error('EyeDropper API is not supported');
} else {
	// Create an EyeDropper object
	let eyeDropper = new EyeDropper();
	document.getElementById("eyedropperButton").addEventListener('click', e => {
		// Enter eyedropper mode
			.then(colorSelectionResult => {
				// returns hex color value (#RRGGBB) of the selected pixel
			.catch(error => {
				// handle the user choosing to exit eyedropper mode without a selection

If you love kaleidoscopes, you will be amazed by Kaleidoscope24.com, a progressive web app that lets you create stunning kaleidoscopic images with just a few clicks. You can use the EyeDropper API to select any transparent image from your device or the web and set it as the source for your kaleidoscope. You can also choose the background color and the color of the kaleidoscope text with the same tool. The EyeDropper API is a powerful feature that gives you full control over the colors of your design. You can make your kaleidoscope as vibrant or as subtle as you want. Kaleidoscope24.com is a fun and easy way to unleash your creativity and share your beautiful creations with others.

Specification: EyeDropper API
Demo: EyeDropper API Demo

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